Pentasil ®

Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrated

pentasil2The Pentasil® is sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is a free-flowing granular solid of white color. It is a chemical compound that consists of silicon oxide (SiO2), sodium oxide (Na2O) and five water molecules, with SiO2/Na2O molar ratio of 1:1.

The Pentasil® has excellent detergent properties like: helps release dirt, emulsify oils, fats and baits, defloculates inorganic particles, prevents the dirt redeposition and allows the material to easily rinse wash. It also is excellent for stabilizing the pH of solution, maintaining the pH above through the cleaning process while the solution is being attacked by the acid soil (buffer effect).

The primary application of Pentasil® has been in the formulation of industrial detergents, individually or in combination with surfactants, binders and other constituents, due to it’s compatibility with most chemicals for use in the formulation of detergents such as: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Zeolite 4A, sodium sulphate, caustic soda, etc.

pentasilThe presentation of Pentasil® is high resistance polyethylene bags containing 25 kg.

The Pentasil® is a stable compound that does not break down (deteriorate) in storage, however, being a hygroscopic compound, the product absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, so to avoid wet conditions, the bags should be stored separately from floor and kept closed.


Because of the great features that has the Pentasil® is widely used in the following industries:

  • Food.
  • Ceramics.
  • Detergents.
  • Degreasers.
  • Laundry.
  • Metal mechanics.
  • Paper.